Position List

Vessels Status Destination ETA* Speed
Vikingbank Underway using EngineALMERIA2020-04-14 08:00 LT (UTC +2)11.5 kn
Kwintebank Underway using EngineRIGA2020-04-08 11:00 LT (UTC +3)12.4 kn
Varnebank Underway using EngineKANTVIK2020-04-14 11:00 LT (UTC +3)11.7 kn
Drogdenbank Underway using EngineGAVLE2020-04-08 08:00 LT (UTC +2)12.3 kn
Doggersbank MooredOULU2020-04-04 13:25 LT (UTC +3)0 kn
Klaverbank Underway using EngineROSTOCK2020-04-07 04:00 LT (UTC +2)9.2 kn
Sagasbank MooredVIEROW2020-04-06 05:45 LT (UTC +2)0 kn
Stroombank Underway using EngineRIBADEO2020-04-08 19:00 LT (UTC +2)11.4 kn
Scheldebank MooredUUSIKAUPUNKI2020-04-05 18:05 LT (UTC +3)0 kn
Steenbank Underway using EngineROUEN2020-04-07 19:00 LT (UTC +2)11.3 kn
Skagenbank Underway using EngineBREST2020-04-07 10:00 LT (UTC +2)10.7 kn

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Last Update:  Mon Apr 6 20:44:11 2020

* Disclaimer:
Please note that this information is not intended for commercial usage. Actual arrival times and destinations should always be communicated through official agencies.